Since 2011, Svend has been veterinary consultant for the Danish equine insurance company, Kongeriget Danmarks Hesteforsikring, KDH (www.kdh.dk). where he is advising on, in particular, orthopaedic matters in relation to insurance. In addition to assessing radiographs and other images in new insurance proposals or loss of use claims, it involves frequent written and verbal communication to equine veterinary surgeons about their cases.

The consultancy involves numerous educational activities on behalf of the company, including teaching at annual seminars for equine practitioners, teaching elective final year veterinary students at University of Copenhagen and participation at other major annual equestrian events.

All these activities are performed in close collaboration with Flemming Hoejelse, himself an equine veterinary surgeon and now CEO of the company.




Svend (Veterinary Consultant, KDH Insurance) and
Flemming Hoejelse (CEO, KDH Insurance)